The products on this page make hands down the best gifts for your BJJ lover!  It's everything you need for your Jiu-Jitsu Lifestyle.  As we use and review more products that we know you'll love we'll add them to this list as well.  We earn a small commission from each sale to help support the show, so we thank you in advance for buying through our page!

I think this bag was made for people in BJJ and MMA.  Elite thought of everything for this one.

I got sick of running out of water during class and don't like waiting in line at the fountain.  This fixed that.

Basically this tape is how my body is held together nowadays.  Give this stuff a try and you might be amazed at the relief you find.  Check out YouTube for application help.  I find the more practice I have applying it, the better my results, so don't get discouraged.

We get squished in Jiu Jitsu.  Un-squish yourself by hanging upside down for awhile and stretch yourself back out.

Keep your shoulders healthy by hanging like I do.  Work those pulling muscles and grip strength at the same time.

I can't say enough good things about this DVD set!  Before I signed up my kids in BJJ school we did this together and we all loved it!  I only wish I had known about it way sooner than I did!  The dealing with bullies DVD is worth the price of the whole set!

I'm not a big fan of supplements, but I do find these to be noticeably helpful for my joint pain.  Give them a try for 90 days and see if they help you too.

This tape is the best you're gonna get for wrapping up those fingers. I can't live without mine.

I've had these knee sleeves for years now and they hold up extremely well to the abuse.  I'm a huge fan of the gel insert around the kneecap for practicing being in guard.

Everybody has a commute every day.  Make the most of yours by strengthening your grip.  Your opponents will "thank" you.

Unknot yourself by rolling out those beat up muscles after a hard day of training.  I couldn't live without mine.

It's called voodoo floss for a reason.  Nobody knows exactly why it works, but it does.  I've been using it for a year now.  Check out Kelly Starrett on YouTue for examples of how to use it.

If you want the mother of all blenders, for sure get this one!  You can blend damn near anything you want in this thing.  I used to go through about one blender per year until I got this bad boy.  It comes with a seven year warrenty so no worries there.  And clean up is literally just a few seconds.

Vitamix 5200 Blender, Black
Vita-Mix Corporation

Every grappler knows that if you train, you're going to get muscle knots.  I use these to work out those hard to reach areas that a typical foam roller just won't get at.  

4KOR Fireball 3 Piece Mobility Ball Set
$28.45 $45.99
4 KOR Fitness