Paul likes reading.  You might too if you check out his reading list.  They mostly even relate to Jiu Jitsu somehow.  They can help make you better at BJJ or anything else you might want to get good at.  We get a small commission when you buy from our page to help support the show, so thank you in advance for helping us out!

Do you want to get good at anything?  Whether you want to get great at Jiu Jitsu or any other thing in life, this book is for you!  You can't go wrong by reading this book.  

I really wish I had this book when I first started Jiu Jitsu.  I would've showed me what to focus on along the way and saved me tons of headaches.

Jiu-Jitsu University
By Saulo Ribeiro, Kevin Howell

Got kids?  Buy this book!  No kids?  Buy this book anyhow!  Mindset changed the way I parent my children and it's been paying huge dividends.  Don't praise results, praise effort and watch your children push themselves to greater and greater limits and explore their own potential.

Mindset: The New Psychology of Success
By Carol S. Dweck

My kids and I are in love with this book!  I read it to them every night until it was done.  Every time a chapter ended and I closed the book it was to a resounding "NOOOOOOO"!!!!!!!

For the love of everything broken with your body, get this book!  If you roll then you need this book.  It explains how to keep and even gain mobility when your body starts doing the opposite of that.