Episode #26 "Grappling with bullies"

The boys talk about the Keaton Jones bully video and delve into the dark world of bullying and the various kinds of it. Paul talks about his daughter and her experience with exclusion bullying and how they’re trying to deal with that. Speaking of bullying, Nick wrote into the show to bust Kip’s balls, and rightfully so. It was quite hilarious and very well written, as per usual. The boys talk about a couple of fight videos as well as bullshit martial arts. Paul still stands by his decision to compare tai chi push hands to flow rolling despite Kroyler’s disapproval...sort of. The boys revisit supplements and their thoughts on them, especially pre-workouts. Paul thinks most of them are utter shit and a waste of money. The boys discuss why you need to stretch and get on a foam roller after each class to stay nimble and injury free. We beg for our audience to buy some Grappling Dads shirts as well as visit our website to check out the "Stuff We Like" page. Follow us on the socials

Kip Dice