Episode #24 "BJJ for our inner child"

The boys argue about Paul’s lack of care when it comes to Star Wars The boys talk about anxiety and how they both deal with it, with prescriptions and without. Kip enjoys life much better on SSRI’s and thinks Paul would benefit from them. Paul doesn’t like taking pills of any kind and probably won’t try them regardless of their benefits. The boys describe the blue belt test that their buddies just had at their BJJ school. Kip was sick and couldn’t join the fun but came to show support anyhow. Paul joined in and tried to encourage his brothers even though he wanted to quit. They’re super proud of their teammates who went through the test and achieved their goal. Paul talks about Jiu Jitsu satisfying his inner 9 year old. He gets to live out his childhood dreams of becoming a ninja and as a bonus he gets to do that with his kids. The boys talk about how getting over your ego in BJJ is a practice and the better you are at letting it go the healthier you’ll be. Of course kipperdoodles brings up the “just a white belt” statement again as Paul busts his balls. Paul then can’t finish a coherent thought. Paul tries to have a serious moment while Kip shuts it down and Paul get super fussy with him. Kip has no idea who Jim Rohn is. He says you are the average of your five closest friends and if hats true we’re both screwed. The boys discussed whether or not to bring up the darker parts of life to their kids. They pretty much decided they are too cute and they’re probably just going to keep them sheltered from it. They’ll probably just let them bring up the subjects and just be honest about them. Paul talks about his oldest kids bully problem at school and how their trying to deal with it.

Kip Dice