Taking Notes

Kroyler’s Pro tip on note taking: 

Take notes

I have been training for a long time and I still take notes on the different techniques I practice and teach as well as the ones I learn. I revisit them and rewrite them. This not only keeps the techniques fresh in mind and helps my recall it also becomes a good source of reference.

As far as the last episode (29):

The belt system, should you chase the belt? Should you look to do things to “get” your next rank? Well to make this short I will simply say no you shouldn’t. You should instead have the mindset of how can I improve and become that next belt. I don’t give belts out. My students become their rank when they have improved enough. Think of it as a representation of your journey not a target. Enjoy the journey and appreciate it, and before you know it you will have become a black belt through your instructor rather than having your instructor simply giving you a black belt. Its simply a shift in the thought process.

Kip Dice