What new blue belts should focus on

Kroyler’s Pro-Tip on what new baby blue belts need to focus on when they first get their blue belt.

Well its fairly simple...

1.Don’t quit. Most baby blue belts quit because they feel they have achieved a goal and that its okay to quit now. They are thinking I am quitting while I am ahead. This is garbage mentality. If we equate Jiu-Jitsu with Chess, the only thing you have achieved with getting your blue belt is learning to recognize the shape and pattern of the board and what all the pieces look like. So, put your big boy/girl panties on and continue down this journey along with the rest of us.

2.By now you should have a very basic fundamental understanding of the iconic techniques in jiu-jitsu, armbars; triangles; kimuras; etc. etc., but you may lack the ability to set them up on people that like you, are aware of them. So that means you ought to learn now the precursor techniques that lead up to each of those submissions, such as the set-up, timing, and feel. Look to see how you can “force” your opponent to place himself in a vulnerable position in which you can take advantage of.

a.Set ups are learned in class, through a professors instruction

b.Timing is learned through drilling and practice

c.Feel… Well feel is understood only through experience. So, embrace attempting the submissions and failing and learning from that. This process of growth from shortcomings will lead to a great understanding of the “FEEL” of the technique. Having the understanding of the feel is imperative to success at higher belts. I can discuss the “Feel” in its own right on a live episode. Too much to type.

3.Look to learn what your more advanced training partners are doing different than you. Look to see what is causing them to be more successful. Why are they moresuccessful?  Ask questions, be open to growth and advice don’t shut yourself off to those that may know more than you.

4.Look at the white belts as tools for improvement. Make them get better and they’ll push you to get better yourself as they’ll become tougher rolls.  Look to attempt new moves on them as they aren’t aware of them yet. As you become proficient try on higher belts and then on even higher belts and so on.

5.Break through your own comfort zone. By the time you are a baby blue belt you may have 1 or 2 moves that just work for you, high success rate moves. Grow past them. Allow yourself to get out of your comfort zone. Meaning put yourself in spots that you aren’t as proficient in and allow yourself to fail and allow yourself to improve from that experience. If you stay only in your comfort zone, you’ll never be more than a baby blue belt with an adequate understanding of a single aspect of jiu-jitsu.

6.Get out of your own head. You are JUST a blue belt. Meaning you don’t know all of jiu-jitsu, YouTube is not the source of knowledge you think it is, you are not better than your training partners. Instead think of how you can improve with the team and improve on today and how you can become better tomorrow than you were yesterday.

Kip Dice