Pressure vs Smashing

Kroyler’s Pro-Tip on the difference between applied pressure and huge-dude smothering…

This I  am sure will ruffle some feathers as some of you may not understand what I am trying to say or will take offense to some of it…

Here we go.

Difference between applied pressure and big guy smother…

First, I want to define what is applied pressure, so for that we will define pressure in simple terms:

1.Force is energy being applied to an object in which unopposed will cause the object to change direction.

2.Pressure therefore is force being applied to an object over a unit area in a specific direction.

This means what then? It means that in order to apply more pressure we must increase force applied or decrease the surface area in which we are applying itas this will focus the energy into a more particular spot.

So, more force equals more pressure if affected surface area remains the same, if surface area increases in proportion to the increase in force pressure does not change. The same goes for same level of force but a decreased surface area equals an increase in pressure.

Let me try and clarify it even more:

1.Force x Surface Area = Pressure

2.More Force x Same Surface Area = More Pressure

3.More Force x Bigger Surface Area = Same Pressure as number 1.

4.More Force x Smaller Surface Area = Much Higher Pressure

5.Force x Bigger Surface Area = Less Pressure

6.Force x Smaller Surface Area = More Pressure

Now with that in mind lets discuss applied pressure and big guy smother:

1.Applied Pressure is a purposeful application of concepts, as described above. There are 3 types of Applied Pressure:

a.Focused Pressure

b.Wet Blanketing


2.Big guy smother or muscle head smash is a physical attribute-based approach to buffer for the lack of understanding on applied pressure, much like trying to speed up or outmuscling your partner is nothing but a buffer of poor technique so is the big guy smother or a muscle head smash.  Now I will say this is mostly due to ignorance, most people don’t really understand pressure and they assume it’s a size or strength thing. Most people don’t understand it well enough to explain. And if you are thinking you understand it, you may, however keep in mind if everyone listening truly understood it then we would have thousands of Roger Gracie’s around instead of just 1.

So, lets now talk about Applied pressure and its categories:

1.Focused Pressure:

a.Focused Pressure is exactly as the name implies, it’s the ability to increase the amount of pressure you are exerting on the opponent in a specific spot at any given time for a specific purpose. Example, pinning an opponents leg via the Stapling concept, is nothing more than a modified application of Focused Pressure. Or Knee on Bellying (KOB) someone to ensure they aren’t moving so that you can attack with ease. Or increasing the amount of pressure to an opponents specific body part to allow for pivoting off of it. I will not explain how to do this in practice as this must be felt in order to be truly understood. Think being a needle,or a stake being hammered in by Thor onto the opponent.

2.Wet Blanketing:

a.The idea of Wet Blanketing comes from the understanding of how to apply Focused Pressure to specific areas only when needed. Meaning you aren’t trying to pin your opponent down or increase pressure to cause immobility. Rather you are acceptingand absorbing their energy so that you don’t become stiff and redirecting that energy as force somewhere else that benefits you, that somewhere else is wherever is necessary to hinder the opponents movement so that they cannot escape. Think being under water and trying to come up for air and having a heavy wool wet blanket being thrown on you. You can push as much as you want but that wet blanket just glues itself to you and absorbs that energy hindering your movement.


a.The idea of applying pressure from the bottom, as the bottom guy. There are technically 2 ways of applying this concept.  However, we are not talking about the bottom guy. So, I wont dwell on this too much. But think of one asMjolnir and the other as Molasses.

Now let stalk about big guy smother or muscle head smash:

1.Big guysmoother:

a.This is when a big guy who outweighs you just lays on you; he isn’t necessarily heavy there’s just a lot of them to move around and out from under. This is not pressure this is just sheer size holding you down. Laying on top of you only works for them because of their size.  It's not that you can’t move, like in the Applied Pressure, but rather its just that there’s a lot of them to move. I think people assume this is pressure its not. Infact, most big guys don’t know how to apply pressure, they don’t have to because their size buffers their shitty pressure game. The little guy that feels like a ton of bricks is the one that applies good pressure. Or the guy that makes you feel as if your soul is escaping your body that guy can apply pressure. Think of this as an oversized teddy bear that is too big for you tohandle.

2.Muscle Head smash:

a.That’s the guy that’s strong enough to squeeze and hold things tightly. Tight with a good squeeze does not equate to pressure.  There’s a difference between that guy that feels is going through you vs the guy that can hold you in place by squeezing you. Think how a wrestler feels vs a good jiu-jitsu guy feels. One is trying to force the squeeze the other is like a boa constrictor. This too is improper application that is buffered by athleticism. This is more of someone trying to be a vice or a clamp and squeeze you tight and hold on like an aggressive hug, where you should be more like an anaconda or a boa constrictor.

The problem with teaching or training applied pressure is that you will fail a lot until you understand it. This leads to people getting frustrated and bufferingit with athleticism. They then get the desired effect. Because they have achieved the desired effect they feel as if they understand pressure and they understand how to apply it and they think they are good at it. However very few people really do understand it. It is important that we remove our desire to win, and focus on a desire to improve. Improving allows for growth, proving limits growth.

Kip Dice