Stop doing these things before blue belt

Kroyler’s Pro-Tip on the top 10 things you shouldn’t be doing anymore in Jiu-Jitsu by the time you reach blue belt.

So, let’s get right to it…

1.You shouldn’t be doing layman stupid shit…The goal is to eliminate all the stupid shit out of your game.Like:

a.Crossing your feet when on someone’s back

b.Pushing someone off of you when they mount you

c.Trying to Americana someone while inside their guard...

d.Etc.etc.… Clearly not an extensive list.

2.You shouldn’t be a mat bully anymore… If you still have that thug mentality refer to the episode on Asshats and Bag-of-Dicks

3.You shouldn’t be muscling your partners around in order to buffer for your lack of, or technique deficiencies.

4.Shouldn’t be holding your breath while trying to perform a technique… people do this… look around and watch the layman… they all doit...

5.Shouldn’t be grabbing people’s fingers anymore… If you are, well you are probably the most popular guy/gal in the school. So, if you want to be popular start grabbing fingers.

6.No shitty moves:

a.Elbows in thighs while in guard

b.Forearm on face

c.Cross-Choking people’s mouth

d.Not an extensive list…

e.If you are doing any of these things you simply have shitty technique… quit being a bitch and just improve.

7.You shouldn’t be shying away from the tougher rolls

8.You shouldn’t be tapping out to pressure or uncomfortable positions. If they tap you, they tap you. If you have a previous injury or condition and you’re protecting yourself that’s cool. But if you are just frustrated or stuck you shouldn’t be resetting.

9.You shouldn't be coaching over the instructor. If I must explain why you should just quit jiu-jitsu.

10.You shouldn’t quit or have a defeatist attitude.

11.You should build a comfortzone, but you shouldn’t live in it.

Now just for kip:

12.You should visit the HQ of your association at least once in 2 years of training… or at least send your better more likable half.

On a serious note the most important thing to understand is that your belt may have a cool color or cool stripes, but they are not the place where your ability or hard work get stored at. Its just cloth and water-resistant tape. My point here is understanding that just because you have a blue belt now instead of white it doesn’t make you submission proof, doesn’t make you instantly better the next day, doesn’t give you any super powers. Rather its just a representation of your hard work. Hard work, technique, knowledge, these are earned over a period of time. These things can’t be taken away, these things are a product of your dedication.  So, understand that a new belt is just another location on your journey, not the destination.  So, it’s imperative that we keep moving forward, that we stay dedicated, that we continue to search for total pure depth and breadth of knowledge. Remember this is a lifestyle so treat it as such.

Yes,I did 12 things just to fuck with Paulie and Kipper…

Kip Dice