Are you overwhelmed in BJJ?

Kroyler’s Pro-Tip on Overwhelmed in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu?

Well welcome to the party...

I think the sense of being overwhelmed is simply the inability to let go or the lack of patience…

Here’s what I mean: 

If Jiu-Jitsu is an art that takes on average 8-10 years to learn, why are we trying to learn it all overnight?

No one will learn all of jiu-jitsu even if they practice from birth to death bed. No one. Ever.

It’s a journey in which there isn’t a set destination, rather the destination is simply continual growth and understanding of the art.It’snot a particular number of techniques learned.

How could you enjoy a journey with no destination? You start to appreciate the journey and the path.

Try to learn as much as you can always, but understand that whatever you don’t comprehend now you will later.

There are plenty of techniques that are above our physical ability and or our mental ability to comprehend, recall and pull-off. But that won’t be the case forever.  So, we must persevere and train so that we can continuously grow and eventually overcome those techniques.  Also, a proper instructor will help deal with the sense of being overwhelmed.

Have patience to allow yourself to improve and grow better. Have the patience to give yourself time to improve. Have patience with yourself and your learning curve.

Also, I was told to discuss elbow-thigh grinders….

If you are an elbow-thigh grinder, meaning you try to “pass” your opponents guard by digging your elbow in their thigh, know that there is a special place in hell for scum like you…

If that is your only strategy to pass peoples guards, or that’s your go to technique, well sorry to break it to you but you have no technique and your guard pass is complete garbage.

That like buying a gi that has thicker lapels so that your opponent has a harder time gripping your lapels… If that the kind of stupid shit you are having to resort to in order to win then you have already lost.

Instead of being an elbow-thigh grinder why don’t you just become better?

Actually, that is a question I ask the people that are overwhelmed as well. Why must you learn it all in a day? Instead of simply working on getting better since jiu-jitsu is endless anyways...

Kip Dice