A Jiu Jitsu Podcast

Paul Parrotte (AKA Paulina AKA Parrot AKA Pau`l)

Paul is an old curmudgeon who has been a factory rat since he was still in high school. Having no real talent for it though, he never amounted to much in any of his “careers”. He thought he'd try his hand in real estate investing, and while he did well, realized that he only won because of the market conditions at the time and would've failed miserably otherwise. 


Realizing that he has no real penchant for hard work, risk, or going back to school, he decided to team up with another like minded derelict and start a podcast ones of people will likely listen to…mostly close family and friends. 


In his free time Paul's only hobby is Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and that's all he ever wants to talk about besides his kids…doing Jiu Jitsu. This fact has caused great angst in his social circle, hence the other reason for him to start the grappling dads podcast, he just needs an audience for his many BJJ related diatribes. He started his BJJ journey back in 2009 with many stops and starts due to injuries, work, and family, but never really quit.  


Paul is married way out of his league to his beautiful wife Nicole who can tell when he's stopped paying attention and will casually bring up a BJJ term to get him to focus once again. Luckily for him Nicole is awesome and can do anything and everything, which she does on a daily basis.  (Kip agrees, way out his league)


He has two beautiful daughters, Kaidyn and Sydney who by the grace of everything awesome love Jiu Jitsu as much (not quite) as he does. Being their grappling dummy is his favorite playtime activity. 


Kip Dice (AKA-Kipples & Bits ,AKA- Kippy, AKA Kipperdoodle)

Kip is a young looking old man.  He has worked for years in different types of sales.  From running his own company to selling medical supplies to running a retail store.  He has come up short on finding a perfect fit for a career but knows he wants to work for himself since no one can obviously stand him for long periods of time.  

He is always looked for ways to be the center of attention.  He lastest attempt is being the second derelict of a podcast that will entertain ones of peoples.  His family will not listen out of respect of all that is good.

He is married to a beautiful, intelligent woman Jenn that was young and foolish enough to say "yes". Plus she does Jiu Jitsu so she is better than your wife.  Kip has three beautiful daughters Addy Boo, Sydni June bug, and Ell Bell.  The are his life and he find his greatest happiness when his daughters tap out boys over and over again.  All three love BJJ and two practice regularly.  

As far as hobbies go he enjoys a round of golf with or without another person.  Of course Jiu Jitsu has fast  become an obsessive hobby which is why he has started this podcast journey.  He hopes to entertain and inform though this and become the center of attention he has always wanted.  (Paul adds he is a true a**hole with a heart of copper)



Paul and Kip first met on the mats at Black Lion Jiu Jitsu Academy. It was love at first inappropriate comment, where they realized there is another person in this world who gets their fucked up sense of humor. 


According to Kip, when Paul first started showing up at class it was just to stand at the sidelines and enjoy watching his kids…with what he calls “resting bitch face”. Unless Paul is smiling or laughing, he looks like he would just as soon murder you as talk to you. Paul is ok with this, as people tend to leave him alone for the most part. 


Paul says Kip looks like a relaxed easy going guy, but he doesn't understand that not everyone gets his twisted sense of humor, yet he plows ahead with it anyhow. This is great fun to Paul as he gets to watch awkward conversations ensue while Kip has to explain that he is in fact, only kidding. 


Both Paul and Kip have a passion for their family and Jiu Jitsu.  They are just glad that between these passions and their related sense of humors they can be BFF’s, to the ongoing gay jokes of others, which they are fine with, because they're not bigots…


They decided to start this passion project of a podcast to entice other families to join the great art of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and encourage people already on their journey as well. Mostly though, they just want to bullshit and talk about bjj, and regular people started to get sick of hearing it. So yeah, this is their “healthy” outlet.